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  • 90s songs 16 April 2021
    Figure most of us here lived through the 90s so let's get nostalgic
  • Adam Reynolds to roll the dice as South Sydney’s new $1.4m deal is knocked back 16 April 2021
    Adam Reynolds looks all but set to leave Redfern at the end of the season after rejecting a two-year extension from South Sydney Continue reading... Feed courtesy of Fox Sports
  • SD/RAW/NXT - House Show Discussion (possible spoilers). 16 April 2021
    @Wahesh NXT next week, Bronson Reed has called out Karrion Kross. Also kinda annoyed they've turned Del Fantasma heel and he's dropped the luchador mask.
  • The Documentary Thread 16 April 2021
    Thread for posting/ discussing your favourite documentaries My personal favourite.. I would have loved have to have been programmer during the PC development phase and the .com boom.. getting buzzed on caffeine all day, eating filth, sleeping for a few hours at the office and then doing it all again, and again... Wiki: Triumph of […]
  • Gotham Garage 16 April 2021
    If anyone here has watched that show on Netflix, you'll know that it's a pretty good show and the crew know what they're doing. I couldn't believe the amount of bullshit in this article though:

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