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  • Underrated TV Shows 12 October 2021
    What are some TV shows/sitcoms you feel never got the attention/respect they deserved. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion. I feel that King of Queens and King of the Hill were massively underrated. KoQ reminds me of me and my missus, I'm the fat, funny guy while she's she hot, kind of a bitch […]
  • Favourite Songs 12 October 2021
    Post your favourite songs here.
  • Biondi-Odo reflects on first season in NRL 12 October 2021
    This is another guy I'm keen to see behind a stronger pack. Bailey Biondi-Odo speaks about his first season in first grade, his learnings and looking ahead to 2022.
  • Averillo reflects on season 2021 12 October 2021
    I'm keen to see Jake either playing along side Burton, or get more chances in the back line behind a stronger pack.. he had some good moments this year but ultimately didn't have a lot to work with. Jake Averillo speaks about his second season in the NRL, the challenges he faced and looking towards […]
  • Insights with Gus: Part 1 presented by Urbanista 12 October 2021
    There's some good content on the Dogs' YouTube channel but not a lot of people get on there atm, though the channel hasn't been running for long Catch up with Phil Gould in our first part of Insights with Gus presented by Urbanista Cafe & Convenience.

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