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  • Burton 17 April 2024
    Is Ciraldo the only one left who doesn't realise Burton is a centre? Watch the halves at other clubs, they play with high energy and a willingness to make something happen.. Kyle was the scapegoat imo he looked pretty good last night. Hutch is a bit similar to Burton as well so unless Toby comes […]
  • Analysing this pathetic bulldogs team 12 April 2024
    Taafe should never have been selected as fullback for starters in first grade. Bad selection Ciraldo. Marney getting close to being the worse hooker we have had for a while. its taken us 66 minutes to actually post a first try. Our mistake rate is horrendous. The forwards rarely go forward and when they do […]
  • NRL Analysis: How Canterbury are using Kikau 4 April 2024
    This is a really good analysis.
  • Bulldogs vs Titans 3 2 1 24 March 2024
    3 to Kikau.. great pressure in d, strong carries. 2 Kiraz.. his best game this season.. super safe in the air 1 Burton.. kicking was better, more committed in d, passing game improving

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