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We recommend each user however take 5 minutes to read through and familarise themselves with the forum rules.

Thank you!
– The Dog Squad Staff


By joining to forum you agree to any and all forum rules detailed below and on the EXAMPLES page.

Supporters of any club, of any sport, or anybody in general is welcome to join the site and participate, as long as the below rules are abided by.

Please be aware that the rules may change or be amended at any time without notification.

All users are encouraged to read through this page as well as the below links, to ensure they are aware of the site rules.

For examples of rules see:
Forum Rules – Examples
For a list of warning points see:
Forum – Warning Points



Just like communities have all types of people, so do forums. We understand this, and we ask that you also understand this.

Conflicts and arguments only increase tension, but we also understand that people will have conflicting opinions sometimes.

Everyone wants to have fun and enjoy the site, so we ask you keep the following etiquette in mind:

  • The forum has NO negative post reactions.
  • If you disagree with a user, voice your alternative opinion in a way that offers to continue the flow of conversation.
  • Threads and posts should always have a point and purpose.
  • In the future SOME forums may cache their results to Google. Therefore please be mindful that whatever you post may end up in Google Search results in the future.
  • Please use multi-quote (+QUOTE) and (INSERT QUOTES) if answering to multiple replies, rather than one quote per reply. If we spot this we’ll try and merge your posts into one.
  • Foul language is acceptable on the forum, however direct user abuse is not.
  • Some posts may offend others (including but not limited to memes, racist jokes, etc). These posts are not the responsibility of The Dog Squad, and whilst we realise everyone enjoys a laugh and differing opinions on things, there are times we may remove posts / content if they are deemed too offensive.
  • Try to introduce yourself in the relevant forum to let everyone know a bit more about you.
  • Don’t flood the forum with EXCESSIVE CAPS OR OVER USE OF EXCLAMATION POINTS !!!!!!!!!! OR OTHER SYMBOLS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as this just annoys everyone. This includes going way overboard with the emojis we have.
  • If a post offends you, REPORT IT. If you bite back and abuse the poster, you may get banned as well.
  • Please post in English only.
  • Please do not spam the forums.
  • Business links are allowed, but only in Business Directory.
  • Please post in the correct sub-forum.



Given a forum is nothing without the people that contribute to it, we have opened up a uniqe way where all users by default can assist with moderation. We are aware that sometime staff can miss things, and this is where you can help.

We run a unique group content moderation system on the forum, which means everyone plays a part in keeping the community running nicely.

All registered users are Squad Members, meaning from your first day you can lend a hand.

Please be aware that all Group Content Moderation is logged, and should users abuse the function (or chase users around the forum moderating their posts unfairly), we WILL find out about this, as our forum concierge reports on this, and we will remove your ability to group moderate (for any time) should this issue become apparent.

For users who assist greatly in Group Content Moderation, we will reach out and promote you to Mod Member status. Please do not ask to be a Mod Member as refusal often offends.

Squad Members have REPORT TROLL and REPORT ABUSE reactions. These are shaded in ORANGE. Each reaction is separate and once posts marked pass a reaction threshold, staff are alerted to investigate the post via an automatic report.

Mod Members additionally have REMOVE ABUSE/SPAM and REMOVE URGENT reactions. These are shaded in RED. Using either of these options will remove a post and staff will need to review and approve it. These accounts are given out sparingly, and these options should only be used in specific cases whereby a post needs to be removed as a matter of urgency.

Mod Members are not visible to other members, and if you are made a Mod Member do not disclose this to others.



The Dog Squad Community Forums operate on a Points and Warning System. Points will be awarded for infringements, and once a points total is reached you will be banned. Instant Bans are also issued for serious incidents or where warnings are not heeded.

For a full list of warning points for rule breaches see:



We run a Warning Acknowledgement system which requires users to agree to a Warning, before they can continue using the forums. This ensures that users are always aware of their warnings.



These rules (detailed below) form a standard set of guidelines that staff will use to take action against rule breaking users. All rule enforcement is at the discretion of staff, and situationally independent. Staff will view each rule breach as a separate incident. In scenarios where a user has a history of excessive rule breaching (one or the same rule), at staff discretion ban periods may be increased.

Breaches of these rules may attract anything from 0 point warnings, to point based warnings, to instant ban actions. In general we will not warn more than a few times, before more forced action is taken.

This forum operates based on Warning Points, and is centered around 5 core rule breaches (varying in severity).

The following rules apply to ALL forum related content including posts, threads, private messages, chat messages, usernames, signatures, avatars, etc.

  • No personal attacks, direct user abuse, or backbiting (Personal Attack Rules).
  • No trolling, flaming, or bait posting (Nuisance Behaviour Rule).
  • No pointless/meaningless content (Nuisance Behaviour Rule).
  • No harassing, bullying or hateful remarks (HBH Rule).
  • No threats (creditable or otherwise) towards anyone (Major Rule Breach).
  • Staff Abuse (Major Rule Breach).
  • No TOU/Privacy policy breaches (Major Rule Breach).
  • No porn/nudity/sexually offensive/abhorrent materials (Major Rule Breach).
  • No discussions of illegal activities (drugs, porn, piracy) (Content Rule Breach).
  • No discussions on religion, terrorism, political, border disputes, and conspiracy theories (Content Rule Breach).
  • No discussions on illegal live streaming discussion, or bypassing legitimate links (Content Rule Breach).
  • No defaming comments (Content Rule Breach).
  • No breaches of subforum specific rule (Other Rule Breach).



The RUOK forum is a publically open forum where people who just need someone to talk to can reach out to our member base. There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO TOLERANCE towards trolling, negative posting, or any rule breach in this sub-forum.



This forum has constant contact with other Rugby League related forums/communities. In the event we become aware of a user on here creating a nuisance elsewhere, or a user of another Rugby League forum creating a nuisance of themselves elsewhere, we reserve the right to take action against that user account, without any prior warnings, nor explanation.



  • Staff decisions are FINAL!
  • Do not create threads / posts disputing staff decisions, or actions against others.
  • Do not create threads / posts abusing staff decisions, or actions against others.
  • Do not recreate threads that are removed, they are removed for a reason!
  • Do not re-edit messages that have been edited by staff.
  • Give respect and you will be treated respectfully.
  • Do not demand staff explain an action, we will generally offer you an explanation.



VPNs are NOT allowed on the forum. Anyone caught using a VPN to hide or obfuscate their connection/originating IP will be subject to action (including but not limited to) account discouragement or removal.



As the forum may contain subjects, language, or images that may offend, we restrict the forum to registrations for “adults”.

In regards to the forum we deem an adult 16 years of age. Members that are younger than 18 may be required to confirm account is approved for use by an accompanying adult.



For full details please visit our Privacy and Terms of Use pages, made available at bottom of this website, and from forum menus.

Please be aware that you are responsible legally for anything you post on the forum (be it defaming remarks, unfounded rumours, or copyrighted information). We will make best efforts to remove content we feel breaches these rules but are not responsible for any damage as a result of these comments.



Whilst we are fairly liberal in regards to signatures and avatars, please be aware that they have built in limitations to prevent spam, abuse, and annoyance to other members. The trolling of other users by way of quotes will see your signature/avatar removed, and anything deemed “sexually suggestive, sexually abusive, of adult content, or likely to offend any ordinary adult, will be removed.

Signatures and Avatars may be moderated at staff discretion.

All signatures are limited as follows:

  • Characters – Unlimited
  • Maximum Lines – 3 in total (except Staff).
  • Maximum Links – 3 in total (except Staff).
  • Maximum Images – 1 in total (size limited) except Staff.
  • Maximum Smilies – Unlimited
  • Maximum Text Size – Locked at 4 to preserve readability.
  • Lists, Code, and Media (videos) are not able to be placed in signatures.



The posting of users “personal and private information” is strictly forbidden without prior written approval from the user. Personal and Private information is considered any information which could be used to identify a user in real life. This includes but is not limited to social media accounts, email address, personal names, addresses, or other information at the site and forum moderators’ discretion.

Users found to be breaching this rule will face harsh penalties, including potential removal of account.



We do not allow duplicate users on TDS Forums.

Each person is allowed one account and should duplicates be found you will be contacted to explain the issue. In most instances we will merge your accounts and let you keep one.

In the instance of multiple people per household we will make notes on both accounts regarding this.

If we believe you are creating duplicate accounts to bypass restrictions or bans, we may issue a lifetime ban on both accounts.



We reserve the right to contact your ISP if you become a nuisance to the site or attempt to hack or breach it. ISPS all have Acceptable Usage Policies and Terms of Agreement, which the abovementioned often breach.

In instances where creditable threats have been made, or other illegal acts witnessed, we reserve the right to contact law enforcement agencies.



Whilst private messages are private, they can be reported. In the instance that a message is reported we may reach out for more information or proof that the message is legitimate, or ask your permission to investigate your report indepth. Generally we will not do this unless we suspect an illegal action has taken place which may result in police or legal action.



Any post/thread that advertises anything from eBay to Gumtree links will be removed if deemed of a personal or commercial nature. For advertising please see below.



Any post/thread regarding charity events or items, must be approved by staff prior to posting, unless that user has advanced and express permission to create such threads/posts.



We run several anti spam techniques on this forum as well as country blocking. If you spam, you get banned it’s that simple. That includes forms.



Please contact us to add your business to our Business Directory. This is currently a free service and will be limited to ONE entry per business type. Please be mindful that not all applications will be approved, and only approved posts will be made in that forum. No reviews on businesses will be allowed.



There are several account types you will see around The Dog Squad Community Forums.

  • Bots – We run several bots on the forum that report news, and also help feedback information to staff.
  • Admins – This includes site owners and Site wide Admins. These users have access to the forum backend and can resolve user account queries (including email address changes).
  • Moderators – Who moderate forums and can view limited user information (they cannot see users email addresses).
  • Mod Members – Mod members are hidden in plain sight and help with post moderation. They can instantly flag content for removal by staff.
  • Squad Members – All users are Squad Members. They can use post reactions and group moderate the site via Report Reactions (more on this below).
  • Restricted Members – These are members that have abused the group moderation function on the forums, and hence lost the ability to react to posts.
  • Guests – Users who have not signed up yet.
  • Banned Members – Banned members with their own avatar, which are added to ban lists.

Banned members will be contacted via email to advise them why they have been banned, and can view ban lists, or as a guest if they log out.

Please do not abuse staff if you use the CONTACT options to query a ban, it will only extend your ban significantly.