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Q: Who owns this site?
A: This site is owned and operated by several passionate Bulldogs supporters, and has no affiliation or connection with the NRL, the NRL Bulldogs club, or any Rugby League affiliates.

Q: What is the meaning of the logo?
A: They say behind every scar is a story, and our sites logo is no different. Communities are forged through strong bonds and love, be them family, friends, or just good quality people. Communities look out for each other, and help each other out in times of need. The logo represents this.

Our “FAN” wears a jersey with 3 names on it:
1. A&H – in loving memory of one of the site owners grandparents who brought him up a Bulldogs supporter.
2. IZZY FORREAL – much loved Bulldogs community member and contributor who sadly passed away.
3. DROP BEAR – members of One Eyed Eel will fondly remember Drop Bear as well. A Parramatta supporter at heart who brought the Bulldogs and Eels fanbases together. Pete helped raise funds for a Bulldogs fan in much need of help, and it started a beautiful reciprocation when Eels fans needed help. Pete sadly passed away before he every got his organ transplant, but both Dogs and Eels fans are better people for having known him.

Above the “CLUB” executive, are two symbols:
1. 2 hearts and arrows – signifying the battle a much loved Bulldogs community had when faced with a failing heart, a heart transplant, and his ensuing battle with health.
2. A weightlifting brain – everyone in life has struggles, and for some of us that battle is in our own mind. Mental health strength is something we all overlook and need to take seriously. It is for this reason our forum has a special open door policy. If you need help, or just want to get something off your chest and don’t have anywhere to turn, our RUOK forum allows for completely anonymous posting. No trolls, no BS, no nothing.

Many of us understand the battle our own head and have been taken to the brink by it. Don’t be afraid to speak up… someone will always extend a hand to pick you up when you need it.

Q: Why do the club jerseys look like they do?
A: Good question! All NRL club logos are the intellectual property of the NRL and overseen by NRL Licensing. In order to legally and legitimately use NRL IP, you need to have an NRL Licensing Agreement which is a financial commitment that allows usage of NRL IP.

We do not have this, as the financial commitment is extensive, but we have been given the OK to use jerseys in the likeness of current clubs. If we are WAY off with one though, let us know with a bug report and we’ll look into it.

All jerseys are based on 2020 Jersey styles.

Q: I like the site, can I donate / sponsor it?
A: Currently the site is operating as a Non Profit entity. Any costs that are incurred are currently covered from the site owners pockets, and with assistance from private financial sponsors. We do thank you for your kind gesture in wanting to help out, but politely decline.

Q: I see there is only one small banner ad, will this change?
A: We find ads intrusive, annoying, and they detract from the overall guest experience (even moreso for our mobile guests). As such we have no intentions of putting any other ads on the site, and this allows us greater creative freedom.

We will have a Business Directory available for those that wish to showcase their business, however this will be a separate forum link.

Q: I found a bug, how do I report it?
A: Call a pest control company! If it’s a bug with our site though, please use our Contact Form and select BUG REPORT.

Clearly explain the bug you have found and we will look into it, and advise our findings.

If your bug report leads to a resolution / discovery you’ll earn a Bug Hunter Trophy on the forum!.

Q: Where are you getting data from? Why does it differ to other sites?
A: Our sites primary focus is players playing for the Bulldogs, hence only Bulldogs appearances are noted down (and in some cases data sets do not allow us to go back too far). Data is based on 2014, which is when our youngest current NRL Squad player first joined the club.
Data is from NSWRL and NRL websites, and from our own personal data sources.