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Ladder Guessing Comp

Ladder Guessing Competition – Closes Round 10!

Ordinarily we’d close this by Round 2, but to allow an extended period for everyone to submit an entry, the competition for 2020 will be open until Round 10.

Quite simple actually. You’ll need to be a registered forum member first.
1. Users pop in their Forum Username and Account Verification Password (which you should have under your account details already).
2. Click and drag the teams from top to bottom to create your predicted ladder (mobile users might need to move the teams around twice due to screen sizes).
3. Select a Grand Final Winner.
4. Tap the CAPTCHA.
5. Submit!

Once we receive your entry we’ll confirm your Account Verification Password, and then post your entry up under Ladder Comp Submissions with your username (and tag you in) so that others can see what you have picked.

In order to make things a bit different from “one point for a correct guess”, we’ve upped the ante.
Correctly guess a ladder position 1-16, score 3 points.
Correctly guess Minor Premiers or Wooden Spooners, score 16 points (per guess).
Correctly guess Grand Final Winners, score 20 points.

As you can see, this gives a possible total score of 100. It will also make things interesting as someone could guess grand final winner and wooden spooner, and still be in the running to win!

Currently a custom one of a kind trophy for your user account AND bragging rights.

If you are a company/sponsor though and would like to donate a prize for this competition, get in touch via our contact form, and we’ll give you kudos here as well.

We may also give Team Store vouchers in the future for winners.